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Posted By HinD On 6:10 PM 0 comments

Facebook Leaks Access Tokens: Exposes Private User Data

Posted By HinD On 1:26 PM 1 comments

Third parties, in particular advertisers, have accidentally had access to Facebook users’ accounts including profiles, photographs, chat, and also had the ability to post messages and mine personal information. Fortunately, these third-parties may not have realized their ability to access this information. We have reported this issue to Facebook, who has taken corrective action to help eliminate this issue.
Facebook applications are Web applications that are integrated onto the Facebook platform. According to Facebook, 20 million Facebook applications are installed every day.

Sony Ericssion Xperia X7 leaked??

Posted By HinD On 1:50 AM 0 comments
A Chinese site has leaked some images of a new Sony Ericsson smartphone.
The pictures of the unknown device show it is powered by Windows Phone 7 and has a sliding QWERTY keyboard. The mobile is also at an early stage because it has prototype written along the bottom.

Canadian Govt. Hit by China based Hackers

Posted By HinD On 1:16 AM 0 comments

Feb. 18 –  Stockwell Day, president of Canada’s Treasury Board, said on Thursday that hackers – maybe from China – attacked computers in government departments responsible for overseeing the county’s budget and fiscal policy, leaving officials disconnected from the Internet for nearly two months.
“Every indication we have at this point is that our sensors and our cyber-protection systems got the alerts out in time, that the information doors were slammed shut,” Day said.

Our next Pearl Harbor IN Cyber World.........

Posted By HinD On 2:06 AM 0 comments
Hackers, worms, viruses, WikiLeaks, Stuxnet: Every day, in every corner of the world, we learn of advances made by those who penetrate supposedly secure computers.

I believe we are witnessing previews of the next war – a war against the computers which have made our lives so much easier, so much more complicated and so much more vulnerable.
Hacking used to be done by talented teenagers as a prank. It was the stuff of Hollywood movies. Then there was industrial espionage, done for money and competitive advantage.

Anonymous speaks: the inside story of the HBGary hack

Posted By HinD On 1:59 AM 0 comments
It has been an embarrassing week for security firm HBGary and its HBGary Federal offshoot. HBGary Federal CEO Aaron Barr thought he had unmasked the hacker hordes of Anonymous and was preparing to name and shame those responsible for co-ordinating the group's actions, including the denial-of-service attacks that hit MasterCard, Visa, and other perceived enemies of WikiLeaks late last year.

DRDO gears up for Cyber War

Posted By HinD On 1:50 AM 0 comments
Evolving conditions of threats have pushed the Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) to enable themselves in the area of cyber warfare. "We have evolved from border issues to economic issues to cyber warfare," said V K Saraswat, scientific adviser to the Defence Minister. But "old disputes continue to remain", he said. He said they would get robust technology and trusted platforms to make their networks 'invincible'.

Sri Lanka:Cyber War

Posted By HinD On 1:46 AM 0 comments
Sri Lanka's Army Commander Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya today said although the physical war waged for 30 years has come to an end, the warfare has not come to an end by eliminating terrorists from this country as the 'cyber war', the war on information highway, is still continuing.

Delivering the keynote address at the Galadari Hotel in Colombo on "Strategic Dimensions of Cyber Warfare", at the 'Cyber Warfare Workshop - 2011,' the Army Commander said the Cyber Warfare is an emerging threat to the entire world.

Government Cyber Crime Report Debunked

Posted By HinD On 11:21 AM 0 comments

An IT security professor claims the government’s cyber crime report is merely sales bumf for BAE
A government report detailing the shocking cost of cyber crime to the UK economy has been dismissed by an information security professor at the London School of Economics as a “sales promotion exercise” by BAE Systems.
The report released last week by the Office of Cyber Security and Information Assurance (OCSIA) and information intelligence firm Detica (owned by BAE Systems) claims that cyber crime costs the UK economy £27 billion annually, with IP theft and industrial espionage being the main culprits.


Posted By HinD On 11:18 AM 0 comments
The everyday progress in the field of information technology connects the world in even faster way and has become a vital and integral part of all the businesses. But at the same time, the new advancements throw up unprecedented functionality risks of information security. Taking a bigger picture, homeland security is critical to the overall security of the entire country. Recent terror attacks and other security concerns pertaining to domestic law and order situation have prompted the Central and State governments to focus on the modernisation and up gradation of the country's security infrastructure.